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Bridesmaid Dresses to fit all Sizes

Choosing the right Bridesmaid's dress can be a minefield for a Bride as no two bridesmaids are the same shape (unless they are twins!). It is possible to choose different gowns for bridesmaids which remain of a similar style, but also suit their range of body features. If you must have all your bridesmaids in the same dress then start by choosing a style that suits the largest.

Consult our shape guidelines when deciding on dress styles to help hide certain features and ensure everyone is happy! These tips will also be relevant when choosing the bridal gown…

Wide shoulders
Choosing wide straps will give the illusion of narrowing your shoulders. Alternatively, cover them and draw the focus towards your face with a V-neckline.

Short Arms
Sleeves that end between the elbow and the wrist will help make your arms look longer,

Chubby Arms
Long, narrow, simple sleeves will elongate your arms, though don’t make them too tight.

Full bust
Draw the attention away from your bust by choosing a long, basque-style bodice which is without detail, teamed with a full skirt. You need to avoid detail on the bodice as this will only draw the attention back.

Thick Waist
A thick waist can be made to look slimmer by having a bodice style top to your dress.

Large Hips
You can easily hide wide or full hips with a simple A Line Gown. This will balance you out and give you height and reduce your width.

Heavy Thighs or Big Bum
Both are easy to hide beneath a full skirt or ‘ballgown’ style dress or indeed an A-line. Make sure you draw the attention away from the lower areas of the body by having detail around the neckline.

Tall and thin
Choose a ballgown with a strapless, fitted bodice. Far from making you look like a ‘meringue’, it will balance you out and make sure you look very elegant. To avoid bony shoulders exposure, go for a column style, fitted dress with a high neckline.

Short and curvaceous
Go for an empire line dress – with its seam under the bust and gentle A-line skirt, this style will flow across your body rather than hugging it. Having the skirt down to the floor will make you appear taller also.


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