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The groom and best man arrive at the wedding ceremony around half an hour before the service starts, during this time the ushers will greet the guests, directing them to their seats and distributing the order of service and hymn books.

The groom will then take his seat next to his best man at the front right of the venue. The bride’s mother will then be seated at the front left before the bridal party arrive and walk down the aisle, the bride and her father first, followed by her bridesmaids.

After the wedding ceremony is complete and the register has been signed, the bride and groom will walk back up the aisle followed by the congregation from the front rows, back.

It is then time for the formal photographs before the reception where the bridal party will meet their guests in the receiving line-up. Once seated, and the meal has taken place, the bride’s father will begin the speeches followed by the groom, then his best man before the cutting of the cake.

The formalities over, the music will begin and the bridal party can now mingle with their guests, normally the bride and groom will take the first dance.

Traditionally the bride and groom leave the reception early to embark on their honeymoon and the bride will throw her bouquet, although more and more couples now opt to stay to the end of their party and depart the next day.


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